fue hair transplantation In the fue hair transplant method, the tissues inside the hair root called graft are taken one by one with special micromotor. It’s applied on the area that has hair loss where the canals are opened individually. The planting process continues with the FUE technique from 2006 until the day. Among the reasons FUE hairpin technology is so popular is that it causes less pain and suffering than FUT technique.Since its application steps are easier the FUE hair transplantation has become more popular in the hair transplant industry, High graft intake and hair transplantation for balding area makes the FUE hair transplantation the correct choiceIn the process of taking hair roots, the hair is first shaved completely and brought to a shortness of 1mm, the donor and hair plant area are numbed so as not to feel pain or suffering through local anesthesia.Hair roots are taken by micromotor so there’s no mark.

The grafts taken are collected and placed in sterile containers with special solutions and allowed to wait for a while. The grafts that are kept in these vessels are fed with special solution. After that, they are transferred to the canals with special directions to the bald area individually.These grafts which are transferred contain 1 to 4 hair roots.After the grafts are fully inserted into the opened channels, the hair transplant operation is completed within 9-10 hours (only for the specific hair transplant period valid for King's Hair). You will never encounter additional demands at the King's Hair hair transplant center! The decision made after one-on-one interviews at the King's Har hair transplant center and the price of the hair transplant is net. No extra payment is required afterwards.The actual frequent hair appearance is explained to you in detail and the hairline is decided along with the front line.Hair plant nurses respond directly to all questions in your mind, not to promise you to make a sale. fue hair transplantation features No tissue removal, no surgical scars. Thanks to the 0.4mm and 0.6mm micromotor tips, there is no evidence of grafts from the donor area. The donor area is used most efficiently. The donor area can also be used in beard, mustache and eyebrow operations besides hair transplant. 4500-5500 grafts can be obtained in one session according to donor area efficiency. Each graft contains 1 to 4 hair roots. There is almost no pain and soreness. Provides the opportunity to return to social life and business life within three days.

Fue hair can be transplanted between existing hair! Do not take into account the misleading information such as "hair can not be transplanted between hair"! given by inexperienced and uninformed sales representatives. The hair follicles transferred with Fue hair transplant start to grow by more than a fifty percent within three to six months and create a visible fullness. Being patient in this process is an important factor. The process of hair growth takes almost a year. At the end of the first year, all the hair comes out. The transplantations made on the top area are later due to blood circulation. Fue hair planting can be done to the top area! Do not take into account misleading information such as “Transplantation cannot be made on the top area, even if done, they don’t come out” given by inexperienced and uninformed sales representatives. The hair that is transplanted with fue hair transplant does not fall out for a lifetime.

Each hair root is guaranteed for a lifetime with King's Hair hair transplantation. Do not forget to ask for "hair transplantation guarantee certificate" after hair transplant operation. Hair transplantation produces excellent results when done with specialist hands and professional team. Hair transplantation is a field where artistic and scientific talents must be together. King's Hair is a healthcare organization where successful teams focus on excellent results. Each has interests in hair, art and science.Healthy and prolonged hair growth results in being a source of honor and pride for our organization while contributing to the self-esteem of our hair growth counselors.We maintain our personal price policy since the first day about fue hair plantation prices and hair plantation prices. For this reason, you can easily access hair transplantation and fue hair transplantation price information by sending your photos via e-mail, phone or WhatsApp.

hair transplant recovery process

The most important process after hair transplantation is the healing process. This process is at least as important as the operation and requires attention. As unitedhair hair plantation, we do not leave our hair transplantation clients alone and follow the healing process closely after the hair plantation as we do before the hair plantation. There are certain issues that need to be considered after hair transplantation. If these issues are taken into consideration, the recovery process will be normal and problem-free. These processes are the same after both dhi and fue hair extensions. What to do after hair transplantation After hair transplantation, plenty of fluid should be consumed.

You should be very careful not to hit the transplanted area during the first 3 days after transplanting. After hair transplantation, you should sit in upright position for the first 3 days. You should wash your hair with warm water. The pressure of shower water should be mild. Sports should be performed at a low tempo. You shouldn’t turn right or left, you should sleep on your back. You should massage slowly to the donor area. The transplanted area should be dry with a paper towel during the specific washing process.

What NOT to do after hair transplantation

After the hair transplantation, you should never itch the transplanted area. You should avoid oily and salty food and very hot and steamy areas. After the hair transplantation; 

  • You should be keep away from the extreme hot environments like swimming pool, sea, sauna, hamam for a month.
  • You shouldn’t have sexual intercourse for a week.
  • The normal shampoo should be used after the special wash days are over and washing shampoo should not be used.
  • Cigarettes, hookahs and tobacco products should not be used.
  • You should not be exposed to direct sunlight, rain and dust.
  • You can apply the above guidelines to have a good hair transplantation healing process.
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