Our most important principle in King's Hair hair transplantation: "HEALTH FIRST" is a health institution that cares about human health, far from commercial concerns. We make sure that hair transplantation is safe with our doctors, hair transplant assistant nurses.In order not to expose patient rights and patient health, King's Hair implements the hair transplant laws of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey and carry out all hair transplant operations together with plastic surgeons and dermatologists in our accredited hospitals.

We trust the woman's power and aesthetics. The overwhelming supremacy of our doctors and health personnel consists of women. We are working for our women to take place in the economy.All our staff consists of health educated people and nurses. We care for health. This is why all our accredited hospitals have all the qualifications.

As King's Hair, we consider hair transplantation not as a simple surgical operation, but as a hair transplant surgery. The practice of hair transplantation can be a simple process, but we are always prepared for everything. We follow the latest technology at home and abroad, attend seminars and certify all our staff to complete their training.So we transmit all the information to our clients from the first hand. We apply the trends in Turkey at the same time with the whole world.

We know how important Istanbul is for hair transplantation and we represent our country with great care.

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